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Build Your Own Home With Your Home Building Mentor
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Half Price Payments & Double Equity if you
Build Your Own Home

There are many, many reason to build your own home.

Rather than just give you a list, I invite you to download our free eBook. It will give you our story and help you provide insights for your own goals for your family.

If you build your own home, and I'll show you how, you can realize the true American Dream. I' ll give you my personal road map so you don't get lost or wind up at a dead end. Plus you' ll have me as your personal GPS guide. You'll learn the facts most people don't know about. With knowledge comes freedom!


One thing I will not promise you is that it will be "easy" to build your own home. It is work my friend. But it is the kind of work you really immerse your self in. And it is the most satisfying job you will ever undertake because of the benefits to your family. And the rewards are fantastic!

Because you are building the home yourself, the more you actually physically do on it, the more you will save. Labor costs are a huge expense on top of materials. Visit our example pages (coming soon) to see exactly how much they can be.

Just think of owning your home outright, as in PAID FOR, within four years. Yes, you will have to build two houses to accomplish this without putting your own money in it up front. Or you may be happy just building one house with half price payments and double the equity you would have had otherwise. Having a lower house payment in today's high unemployment rate is a good idea, just in case...

Or you may choose to have a higher house payment with the cash you need for something else. Go for it.

There is a lot to be said for accomplishing something in this life that few people are able to. You will be in a select group of admired individuals when you build your own home. A celebrity of sorts. And people will look at you with awe as they walk through the house that you built!

This experience can also create a tight bond in your family. It builds confidence in younger and older members. It build respect and instills a work ethic in young hearts. You will feel empowered to do most anything after this experience. And, Lord willing, you can!

Actually building something of great value with your own hands is a feeling everyone should experience. Many people today do not have that feeling. They think they are not "creative" of "handy." But you can build your own home with my help! I'll be the hands-on experience you need. I'm your personal mentor.

Another benefit to building your own home is you can become "credit-worthy" in the eyes of the bank. Perhaps your long term goal is to own your own business. But you lack the collateral for that loan you need to set up your new business.

Good news! The bank looks at home owners with true, large equity very favorably. You could easily build a home worth more than double what it cost you. Visit Building A House for Instant REAL Equity (coming soon).

Perhaps you'll realize the dream of financing your child's education from the house you have built together.

Just think about your dreams and goals. I'm going to give you the information you need to accomplish those goals by helping you make either cash or equity in the shortest period of time I know of.

You don't have the risk of investing. You don't have to sell anything. You just do the work.

You can do this. I'll show you how. Let's get to work!

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