Framing Doors for Garage Plans

Garage plans: Framing a garage door opening

STEP 1: Determine the size of door you are using from your garage plans. The opening must be slightly smaller than the actual door size.

STEP 2: The bottom plates must be pressure treated wood.

STEP 3: Cut the bottom plates to length, leaving out the opening width dimension.

STEP 4: Run the upper plate full length.

STEP 5: Lay the upper and bottom plates together, on edge, as a pair, across the wall where the garage door is going.

STEP 6: From the outside corner end, layout your 16” center marks.

STEP 7: At the garage door opening, measure away from the opening end of the bottom plate & make a mark at 1.5, 3, 4.5 & 6 inches. Do this on both sides of the opening.

STEP 8: Use a square and draw the layout lines on both upper and lower plates, on your indicated marks.

STEP 9: Place two cripples and two full studs on each side of the garage door opening.

STEP 10: Place the remaining studs.

STEP 11: Stand the wall up and securely brace it.

STEP 12: Install sheathing on the exterior of the wall, or blocks to prevent the header from falling out.

STEP 13: Install the garage door header. Make sure the crown is up.

STEP 14: Measure the length of the header blocks on the end of the header.

STEP 15: Cut and place the header blocks on the 16” layout marks.

STEP 16: Install the top plate.

STEP 17: After the drywall is hung, you need to line the door opening with lumber to hold the rails. Stand a 2x6 upright, flat against the wall, even with the opening edge. This 2x6 should run to the ceiling. Fasten the 2x6 securely, and to the wall top plate. Do this on each side of the opening.

STEP 18: Install a horizontal 2x6 across from one vertical to the other, even with the opening edge.

STEP 19: If the door is a double width door, install a 2x6 vertically, in the center, from the header to the top plate. Return from Garage Plans to Home Building Mentor

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