Installing A Window

There are several important factors to remember when installing a window.

Almost all new construction windows have nailing fins to install them with. I use 2” long roofing nails to install windows with nail fins.

STEP 1: Verify that the window fits the opening.

STEP 2: Apply construction adhesive to the backside of the nail fin and set the window in place.

STEP 3: Place a ¼ spacer under the bottom of the window on both sides.

STEP 4: Center the window left to right in the opening.

STEP 5: Plumb the side of the window.

STEP 6: Re-center in the opening if needed.

STEP 7: Place two nails, one at a top corner and one at a bottom corner.

STEP 8: Re-check the plumb.

STEP 9: Finish nailing the window in place.

STEP 10: Remove the spacers from under the bottom.

The window should be suspended in the opening, not resting on the bottom plate.

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