PVC Pipe How To Join It Right The First Time

With plumbing, you've got to know PVC pipe how to join it without leaks!

To properly join PVC pipe you will need a saw or tubing cutter, primer, glue and120grit Sand paper.

STEP 1: Cut the pipe to length, remembering to add the portion that will go inside the fitting.

STEP 2: Wipe any dirt or debris off the end to be joined. Make sure all pieces are dry.

STEP 3: Use the sandpaper to remove any burrs or irregularities.

STEP 4: Apply the primer to the pipe end (outside) and the fitting (inside). Prime the entire depth of the join area.

STEP 5: Allow the primer to dry completely.

STEP 6: Apply liberal amounts of glue to the pieces to be joined.

STEP 7: Push the pipe firmly into the fitting, making sure to fully seat the pipe.

STEP 8: When the pipe is fully seated, turn the pipe about a quarter turn.

STEP 9: If possible, hold the fitting with the pipe vertically above. This will cause the glue to “pool” in the seam and provide a better joint & seal.

STEP 10: Always pressure test the pipe before covering it up.

Now you know about PVC pipe and how to join it without leaks. Happy plumbing.

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