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When considering the roofing how to decking, the first thing to consider is not falling off the roof! Once you install the first couple of sheets, nail a 2x4 on top of the decking, near the edge where you will be pulling subsequent sheets of decking up. If you are nervous or uncertain on the roof, nail a 2x4 across the length of the house near the edge to stop against if you slide down.

Roofing How To Tip: It will be easiest if you have three people laying the decking – two on the roof and one on the ground.

Word to the Wise: To make the process go twice as fast, always give the person on the ground the measurements you need for the next sheet, so they can be preparing it while you are installing the current sheet.

STEP 1: Measure up from the end of the rafter tail (not the sub-fascia) and make a mark at 47 inches on each end of the building.

STEP 2: Pop a line across the rafters at this point. You may need to hold the line in the middle and pop both sides to get a good line.

STEP 3: Measure in from the outer edge of the barge rafter, to the middle of the last rafter that is shorter than 96 inches.

STEP 4: Cut the decking and lay it in place with the cut end toward the gable end of the house.

STEP 5: Position the sheet along the chalk line, and flush on the end at the barge rafter. Keeping the edge on the chalk line is most important.

STEP 6: Staple the sheet in place, insuring that the end only takes up half of the ending rafter, and that the rafters fall on the correct center point locations.

STEP 7: Check to be sure that a full sheet will land center of the next rafter and place it and staple it.

Roofing How To Tip: Maintain the edge on the chalk line.

STEP 8: Continue across the house with the first run. Cut the last sheet to length and fasten it in place.

STEP 9: For the next run, overlap the end joints so that consecutive runs do not end on the same rafters. Also, you must place decking clips in all spaces between rafters. The decking clip performs two functions: it spaces the runs of decking and it supports the gaps by holding the two edges together.

Roofing How To Tip: There are two types of decking clips. Cheap aluminum and expensive steel. The only reason anyone uses the cheap aluminum ones is they are cheap. Use the steel clips. Be sure to use the correct size for the thickness decking you are using.

STEP 10: Place the clips in place, centered in every gap between rafters.

STEP 11: Continue laying decking until the first side of the roof is complete.

Word to the Wise: At this point you must determine if you will use ridge vents. Ridge vents are designed to provide ventilation for the attic, which helps keep the attic cooler. I highly recommend ridge vents in warm & hot climates. If you use ridge vents, stop your decking 2 inches shy of the peak of the roof. This will leave a 4 inch opening when both sides of decking are laid.

STEP 12: Move to the back side and repeat the process. Return from Roofing How To - Decking to Home Building Mentor

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